Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Son

On Oct.2 1984 the Lord, who is and always has been, so very good to me, blessed me with the most incredible blessing a mother could ever hope for....He gave me a son.
The day we celebrated Stevens Birthday, my camera was out of batteries and so I was not able to take some birthday pictures (i`m sure my family did not mind). So instead I decided to post this most memorable picture of my son and I, taken right before he was about to enter into a marriage covenant with his beautiful bride Jessica. His life would forever change and be enriched in ways he could not imagine.

What could a mother ever hope for in her son? For me, it would be, to have a little boy, who grew up to have a heart after God and lived by his conviction's and sought to lead his young family with who will, love, protect, and provide for, at any cost.
Thank you Steven for being that son....
Thank you Lord, for giving me my son....

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steven&jessica said...

thank you so much mom! that means so much i love you!