Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SO OUT of Shape!

My goodness how sorrowful this old tent is!

Yesterday I entered into the beginning of my world of "Exercise"
Ahhh what joy to lay on the floor and discover the bones I haven`t felt
in a long, long time! Ouch!!!

I want to lose weight and feel good.
Although yesterday was the first day...great things happened within my head...Yeah I did it!!!
The first step is the biggest one, and the hardest!
And so, there is NO stopping me now!!!

So off I go to my "Salsa Cardio" Class!

My goal is to be, inside and out, a Fabulex fifty year old... ;) <---big smile!!!


Mr James said...

The x-word (-shudder-). Watching people ex*rcise tires me out. I have to sit down.

Anna Margaret said...

Oh kind sir,
And you should...sit, that is.
I dearly wish there was another way out...i`d much rather continue to admire my "Treadmill"
from a far...haha...or better yet, tuck it away in a sweet little

Mr James said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes on FB, Margaret. I'd reply there but our home Mac is old & weak and keeps dumping FB. We can't post anything on there on it.