Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taking A Step Of Faith

Funny how when you get a little older in life things change.

I am at a place in my life where I am willing to take a chance..
Be open to what ever the Lord may have for me...take a risk, I quess you
could say...I`m not saying it`s easy..there is hard work involved in being
Vulnerable. But it`s a good thing... Because through it, I seek the Lord and
am seeing Him at work within my being.....changing me from deep inside,
chipping away at those things that need to be torn down...
Although I consider myself to be a pretty open person, i`m finding as "Newness"
becomes a part of my life there are areas that must be dealt with from
the Hand of the Father....
And in the end... I believe, with all my heart, that Only Goodness will be erected!

"The Winter has past, i`m walking through the door into Spring"
For behold, the winter has past,
The rain is over and gone.
Song of Solomon


Denise said...

Walking by faith is never easy, but it's so refreshing, isnt it?

Mr James said...

That sounds jolly cryptic, Margaret. So what chances are you going to take? Skydiving? An extra teaspoonful of sugar in your coffee? Driving on the left? Rushing out and buying some blues CDs? Intriguing.

Anna Margaret said...

Ahh Mr. James I love how you make me and I am so sure, many, many others...Laugh...Sweetness to my soul - thank you Sir.
Thank you for even taking a moment to read over my scrambling words...

The chance is simple:
With my three kids grown and lives of their own,
I am open for the first time sense being single,10 yrs. I might add, to the possibility of the Lord bringing a person my way...

The winter is behind me, I`m living in the beauty of spring...My heart delights in being in the middle of God`s will..what ever that may bring ~

Mr James said...

Really? Good for you, Margaret. You'll be a bessing to whomever He'll bring you.

Anna Margaret said...

So true Denise!

Thank you Mr James so very much!